Weather in Morocco: on the coast, in the desert and in the mountains of Morocco.

Temperature and weather in Morocco - photo of the desert and trees

Weather in Morocco.

Weather in January and February – the days are usually cool and rainy. Note that only the best hotels have a central heating system (because in Morocco, air conditioning is needed, not heating). The average summer temperature in Marrakech and Fez can be around 38 C, in coastal cities (Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier) + 27 ~ 29 C. South of the Atlas Mountains, the temperature rises.

When to the Sahara desert?

In the Sahara regions, rainfall is extremely rare. In winter, the nights are often frosty, and in summer it is hotter than in Marrakesh. The most favorable time for a trip through the Sahara – from October to February.

Weather on the coast of Morocco.

The coast of Morocco is free from the heat typical of the inland. From May to October it is quite pleasant to travel both in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Keep in mind that the water temperature in the Atlantic remains low for most of the year. But Tangier is hotter in summer and the water is warmer than the rest of the coast. On the Atlantic coast, St. Agadir the tourist season lasts all year round. From July to September, Agadir has frequent morning fogs. Winter on the coast is not very cold, but sunny.

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