Top 10 places to stay in Mauritius – weather, temperature.

Mauritius - palm tree - beach - boat - blue sea

Vacation adventure on the island of Mauritius, business in Mauritius, climate, weather. Top ten must-see attractions.

Mauritius – summer adventure

The North Region of the island of Mauritius is a tourist center – many luxury hotels located on a beautiful beach with fine sand, warm lagoons on the shore, diving, water skiing, swimming, fishing. Mahabi Belomb Park – the largest nature reserve in Mauritius, with rich and very diverse tropical vegetation. Riviera de Angiles Park – allows you to look at crocodiles, giant turtles, chameleons, monkeys, bats and others surrounded by lush tropical vegetation: bamboos, lianas, orchids, coconut palms, etc …
Reunion Island – a wonderful, idyllic place, beautiful beaches and transparent lagoons encourage to practice various sports: sailing, diving, water skiing. Solitude fans can always find in Mauritius perfect little coves where nobody another will not be disturbing?

Port Louis – monuments and attractions.

Port Louis is rich in architectural monuments. It’s Jumma Mosque, St. John’s Cathedral, Mauritius La Chasse Museum, Hindu-Tamil temple Maesvarat, St. Louis Cathedral on Church Street, old fort Adelaide. The center is located in the vicinity of the Broni Square, in which it dominates Government House – government seat building. Behind it is the beautiful parliament building where the Mauritian Legislative Assembly is held. There is a building nearby, surrounded by gardens National Museum. Tourists love especially: three wonderful restaurants – a Chinese restaurant Le Tung Fong, Hindu Le Poole and french About the `Gourmet and the colonial-style botanical garden in 1889, which houses a miniature model of the Eiffel Tower.

Business in Mauritius

Mauritius island business center – city Kyurpip, one of the first cities built in Mauritius. Here there are embassies, representative offices of large companies and luxurious residences of significant personalities. Deserve attention: the town hall built in the colonial style, King’s College(royal university), its architecture resembles the facade of Buckingham Palace, the town hall – a great showcase of Creole architecture, a public library with interesting manuscripts on the history of the islands Mascarene. There is also a botanical garden with a rich collection of tropical plants.

Mauritius – geography.

Mauritius – an island state located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, about 900 km from Madagascar. The island is part of the Mascarene archipelago. The capital of the island and the largest city is Port Louis, situated in its northwestern part. Thanks to the developed tourism sector, it has attracted significant foreign investment, thus achieving one of the highest per capita income in Africa.

Weather in Mauritius.

Weather. Mauritius is a great holiday destination. The island is warm and sunny all year round. You can go on vacation at any time of the year and be sure that the weather will not spoil your vacation. Compared to European countries with four seasons, there are only two seasons in Mauritius: summer and winter. Summer is from November to April and winter is from May to October. Both seasons are usually characterized by good weather, only in summer the humidity can be slightly higher. winter is cooler and more suitable for older tourists who have difficulty enduring the heat.

The temperature on the island.

The water temperature in summer is usually around 27 ° C, in winter it drops to 22 ° C. The air temperature in coastal areas ranges from 25 ° C to 35 ° C. On the central plateau it is cooler most of the time – from 20 ° C to 28 ° C. In winter, the temperature in the coastal areas is around 24 ° C, while in the central part of the island it is around 18 ° C, but at night the temperature can drop by several degrees. For tourists who prefer eco-tourism and want to explore the island, as well as tourists who enjoy walking and excursions, the best months for a vacation are September, October and mid-November.