Mozambique, or gold, ivory and beautiful and clean beaches and …

Mozambique - children of the springboard

Holidays in Mozambique, or gold, ivory, and other attractions: beaches, coral reefs, diving, Bazaruto, Benguerra and Pemba, Maputo.

Tourists are just beginning to discover Mozambique and the world-class resorts of this amazing country. Undoubtedly, the popularity of this country will increase when everyone knows that:

  • Mozambique’s beaches with their beauty and cleanliness are among the best in the world
  • In each Bazaruto i Benguers (Mozambique) there are up to four service employees per one vacationing tourist
  • the underwater world of the archipelago Bazaruto offers the possibility of observing all shades of marine life for amateurs of diving and snorkeling
  • Fishing in Mozambique is appreciated all over the world by lovers of this type of vacation

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Mozambique Climate.

Climate: in the north, near the tropical equator – year-round temperature is (25 ° C to 28 ° C) and precipitation is 1100/1300 mm. per year. In the south, the climate changes to a milder – with the average temperature lowered to 20-22 ° C, rainfall is also lower – 500/1000 mm. per year. Rainy season runs from November to April and May. Frequent droughts (the last one in 1998 had catastrophic consequences) and the devastating effects of tropical cyclones. Best time to visit in Mozambique – from June to August, when the air temperature and rainfall are the most optimal for Europeans.

History and present day of Mozambique.

Mozambique – one of the oldest countries in the world. About 2,000 years ago, peoples Bantu began to migrate to today’s Mozambique, bringing iron tools and weapons, and became the backbone of modern society. The gold and ivory trade took Mozambique’s civilization to the highest level in Africa. Mozambique attracts tourists primarily with the beauty of its sandy beaches. Beautiful coast and crystal clear waters Bazaruto, Benguerra and Pemba they quickly regained their legendary popularity.

Maputo – the capital of Mozambique

The recently renovated station looks like a palace, topped by a gigantic copper dome decorated with polished wood and marble. The botanical garden is also interesting, National Museum of Artwhich has an excellent collection of the best contemporary artists living in Mozambique.

Major cities of Mozambique.

Beira – 880 km north of Maputo – the second largest city in Mozambique, is the main port and terminal station of the Trans-African railroads. The entire coast of this area is rich in various objects of past centuries resting on the seabed.
Pemba – a coastal city in the “throat” of a large bay in the north of Mozambique – can be proud of its interesting buildings, especially the old town Bayks.

Mozambique attractions.

Most tourists come here for its beautiful beaches, especially the famous Wimbee Beach and the coral reef close to the shore. Wimbee is a luxury resort full of bars, restaurants, entertainment centers, well-equipped spots for diving, fishing, surfing, etc. On the road between the city and the beach there are tribe artisan workshops Macondo. Beautiful wooden carvings made for sale and at very low prices.

One of the most beautiful places on the African continent is Marine National Park – “Bazaruto Archipelago“. Blue waters, sandy beaches, palm groves, coral reefs, plus plenty of tropical fish that inhabit these waters. It is possible to dive and fish. The entire area between the continent and these 150 islands is now protected as a world-class natural national park. One of the best resorts in Africa, consisting of luxury hotels and gorgeous beaches, has been actively developing in the last few years in the archipelago. In recent years, Mozambique has attracted tourists with the possibility of diving among tropical reefs. Best diving season – from April to December.