Malawi – location, weather, Lake Malawi and Madonna in Africa.

Malawi - ocean view

Malawi in Africa – location, climate, attractions – Madonna in Malawi, Lake Niasa and cichlids, Malawi and aquarists, holidays, excursions, aquarium.

Geography of Malawi

Location of Malawi – The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe.

Malawi is a small country in East Africa that has no outlet to the sea, stretching from north to south along Lake Niasa. It borders with Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. Malawi (meaning, “the light shines on the lake – shining lake”), another name for the lake – Nias.

Much of Malawi’s eastern border is made up of Lake Niasa – the third largest lake in Africa (after Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika). The East African tectonic zone passes through Malawicreating vast valleys around the lake. Most of the country – mountainous area of ​​mountains and Nyika plateaus, Total area – 118,500 sq km. A river flows from the southern ends of Lake Niasa Shire, which is a tributary of the Zambezi. High plateaus dominate the landscape east and west of Lake Niasa. Upland located in the north of the country Nyika reaches 2600 m above sea level To the south of Lake Niasa stretches the Shire highlands, which transforms into a mountain range Mlandji, the highest point – Sapitva (3002 m above sea level). It is one of the most seismic regions in Africa.

Climate of Malawi.

Equatorial monsoons with dry winters and humid summers. The rainy season – from mid-October (or early November) until mid or late April, the dry season is from May to October-November. Most of the rainfall (during the year: 750-1000 mm. In valleys, and up to 2500 mm. In mountain areas) occurs in the period November-March (summer in the southern hemisphere). The temperature of the warmest month of November, from + 20-23 C in the mountains, up to + 27 C in the valleys, in July it is cool – from + 14 C to + 19 C (July – the coolest month). There are frosts and temperatures below 0 ° C in the mountains.

Lake Malawi (Niasa).

One of the most beautiful places in Africa – Lake Malawi (Niasa) – stretches from north to south and is 600 km long and 80 km wide. In its depths (700 m) there are up to 500 species of fish (incl 180 endemic). 70% of freshwater aquarium fish (cichlids). Cichlids are so numerous that they constitute 5% of all vertebrates on the planet. The area at the southern end of the lake, located within the borders of the Malawi state, has been under protection under the Lake Malawi National Park since 1980. In 1984 this park was entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10 things to do in Malawi:

Madonna and Malawi

Madonna she did a lot to draw attention to the problems associated with one of the poorest countries in Africa – Malawi. She gave concerts, the proceeds of which were allocated to benefits for orphans of this state, and now singer is financing the construction of a boarding school for girls. A few years ago she adopted a boy, and this year a girl, Mercy James.