Holiday season in Tunisia. When is the best time to go on vacation there?

Holiday season in Tunisia. When is the best time to go on vacation there?

Holiday season in Tunisia

The holiday season begins in Tunisia in late April and ends in early November. Probably the end and the beginning of the season are the best months to visit Tunisia. If the sun and peace are the most important things, I recommend May and October. It is related to the water temperature and air temperature. At the end of April, the air warms up in the coastal resort belt and the spa zone to +23 – +25 degrees.


Tunisia – the temples of the ancient gods, the Colosseum and the everlasting glory of Carthage, the hot sun of the Sahara and precious refreshment in oases, plantations of noble date palms and the sharp scent of jasmine, the view of picturesque cities and troglodyte villages hidden in the rocks …

Holidays in Tunisia.

Tunisia – warm sea, golden beaches with fine sand, emerald pools surrounded by palm trees and whitewashed world-class hotels … It’s a carefree atmosphere of happiness and peace, unique thalasotherapy, wonderful exotic cuisine in luxurious restaurants, European comfort and Asian hospitality.

Holiday attractions in Tunisia

Blasting entertainment: surfing, golf, diving, parachuting, hunting and fishing, pulsating disco rhythms and jazz in cozy bars, the exoticism of traveling through the Sahara desert in jeeps and camels, and of course the famous belly dancing …

Fragment of a memories from holidays, quotation:
Well, there is still a taste of the sea and the beginning of the holiday is over. The water in the sea is nice and warm, sandy beach, everything is great. Then we can start in full swing our vacation. We arrived in the afternoon so we didn’t have much time that day. So we went for dinner. It was organized in the form of a very rich buffet. Something good for everyone – honestly, I liked literally everything. After the first feast, not dinner, you can say that we were very pleased. We ate so it was time to rest watching Fakty TVN – how is it good to know what is happening in the country. After 30 minutes, it’s back to the fun. A few drinks and you should see the evening animations, the so-called ShowTime. All the animators were there, every other day, and it was really fun. We liked it so much. Tired, we returned to the room to sleep off a hard night.