South Africa – bloody Safari. Hunting in South Africa for hunting trophies.

South Africa – bloody Safari. Hunting in South Africa for hunting trophies.

There is no hunter who does not fall under the spell of Africa. Extensively, endless the plains wild deserted mountains, steamy jungles, golden the shores of the oceans are second to none in the world. Plus, the incredible richness of animals, dozens of species that can be hunted. Even today in Africa you can hunt in the style of the greats safari. Hunting take place in vast fisheries, many thousands of hectares in size.

Bloody Safari.

Hunting is allowed all year round in South Africa and almost all animal species including “Big Five“- lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, buffalo. Today, the largest national park in the world – Kruger Park organizes activities for the resettlement of resident animal species, and sometimes authorizes hunting and shootingincluding even to elephants in order to control their numbers.

Safari trophies

As trophies you can hunt jackals, baboons, lynxes, wild boars, zebras, birds and about 26 species of antelope. In the hunting area, which covers 1,600 to 62,000 hectares, there is a large number of specially displaced people animals intended to be shot. Accommodation for hunting tourists, from modest to luxurious, in the all inclusive system. Hunting – in the company of professional hunters who are authorized to hunt and provide the necessary weapons and clothing. payment – on the spot for each animal killed or injured.

Safari organizers

Germany has extensive experience in organizing safari in africa. German travel agencies compete in offers of trips to African safaris for touristsincl. From Poland. From the accounts of participants of such expeditions on “bloody hunt”You will learn that it is“ the hunt of life ”, and a liberating force andrenaline in the course of such hunts it is amazing and does not fit into a comparative scale.