Africa – South Africa – weather, climate and tourist attractions. What is worth seeing?

Africa – South Africa – weather, climate and tourist attractions. What is worth seeing?

South Africa – location.

South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa, surrounded on three sides by the ocean, the coastline is over 2,500 km. South Africa has an area of ​​1,219,912 km².

Deep river valleys divide the country into several mountain groups, the highest of which are Drakensberg stretching from the north-east through the enclave Lesotho towards the south-east.

The southernmost tip of Africa come together two oceans, Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean. Most of the rivers in the Republic originate in the Drakensberg Mountains and flow mainly east towards the Indian Ocean.

South Africa climate.

South Africa does several zones climatic. From the dry desert climate on the border with Namibia to the subtropical climate in the south-eastern part of the country. In most parts of the country climate is mostly solar and dry. Snow in winter it usually rains only high in the mountains.

South Africa’s location in the southern hemisphere makes it Seasons are opposed to in Europe.

South Africa attractions.

One of the richest countries in the world – South Africa – has become one of the most attractive places for recreation and travel around the world. Luxurious cities, among which the pearl is undoubtedly Cape Town, seamlessly coexist among untouched landscapes, affecting the lives of many species of mammals.

Two oceans, stunning coastlines and beaches – South Africa is trying to wisely manage all its tourist attractions in such a way as to obtain income from tourism, but not to destroy nature.

Apart from safariThe biggest attraction in South Africa are the numerous handcrafted products as well jewelry with a local gold, decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. No wonder that tourists rarely leave disappointed.