Botswana – sightseeing, weather and temperature, basic information.

Baobab desert in Botswana

You haven’t been to Botswana – you haven’t seen real Africa! Sightseeing and basic information. Weather and temperature in Botswana. Safari in Botswana.

What attracts tourists to Botswana?

Botswana is a landlocked country. It borders to the south and east with the Republic of South Africa (South Africa), to the west and north – with Namibia, in the north – with Zambia, in the north-east – with Zimbabwe. Large areas of Botswana are occupied by the Kalahari Desert.

Botswana – the capital of Gaborone

Climate and temperature in Botswana.

Climate: in the north – tropical, the average temperature in January + 25 ° C, July – + 16 ° C, annual rainfall is 700 mm. In the south – subtropical, temperature drop in June and July from + 27 ° C during the day to 0 ° C at night, from December to February from + 46 ° C during the day to + 26-35 C at night. The rainy season in the south runs from September to April (about 250 mm of precipitation annually). Daily temperature differences are very large, in the south there are even nights with frost.

In the Kalahari desert, night frosts are normal, even in June and July. In places with a sufficient amount of humid air, frosts can come at any time, regardless of the temperature of the day. The best time to travel to Botswana is between May and August.

Main cities and resorts:

Gaborone, Francistown, Lobatse, Maun, Kasane.

Tourism, which is the attractions of Botswana.

The tourism industry is developing very fast. Foreign tourists are attracted by the diversity and beauty of the natural landscape, the cultural identity of the local population, and extraordinary safari adventures. You haven’t been to Botswana – you haven’t seen real Africa! In Botswana there is Chobe National Park (Chobe National Park) famous for the largest elephant population in Africa. It is located in Botswana a unique phenomenon of nature – Okavango Delta, the river that flows into the desert. Botswana – the birthplace of the Limpopo River, known to us from childhood, in poems and songs. Botswana has a unique desert – Kalahari. Botswana – the world leader in diamond mining. Botswana is a great destination for African safari, it has the largest concentration of elephants in Africa, specifically in the Chobe National Park, where the Okavango River Delta is. Botswana invites you to Africa!

Sightseeing: Gaborone National Museum and Art Gallery, Ethnographic Museum (Mochudi).

National parks: Makgadikgadi, Nksai Pan and Chobe, the delta of the Okavango River (the largest oasis in the African continent), a complex of ancient rock paintings in the Tsodilo Mountains.

Shopping. First of all, you should pay attention to woolen clothes, cheap and high-quality. There are also interesting wooden handicrafts in the Maori style.