Vacation in Thassos. What is worth seeing? Weather. ?

Thassos – taking into account the numerous tourist attractions, trips to this region are an unforgettable adventure. The island located near the Macedonian coast is famous for its marble mines. Many ancient monuments have been preserved here. Charming, quiet villages, sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes and mountains – all this makes this place attractive and diverse.

What’s worth seeing in Thasos?

Tourist attractions on Thassos will satisfy many tourists. What is worth seeing while in Thasos? The excavations of ancient Thassos are open to the public, and in the capital Limenas can be visited Archeological museumso it is a great place for history lovers and ancient civilizations lovers.

For those who love hiking and mountain expeditions, an undoubted tourist attraction will be a trip to the highest Thassos peak – Ipsarion (altitude – 1500 m above sea level). The island abounds in charming seaside nooks and picturesque beaches – it’s worth seeing the famous ones beaches Thassos – Golden Beach, Paradise, Tripiti and Psili Ammos.

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Facultative trips

A trip around the island that you can visit is highly recommended Michelangelo’s monastery, ancient Greek, Roman and early Christian ruins, charming villages and olive groves. As part of optional excursions is organized Jeep Safari in mountainous terrain. You can climb on this trip to the top of Ipsarion.

An expedition is an interesting option to the vineyards and the Alistrati cave – you can see for yourself what the traditional wine technology looks like and admire the rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites of the mysterious Alistrati Cave. Worth seeing Philippii.e. the ruins of the ancient city where, according to legend, the first European, Lydia, was baptized.


Thasos has a Mediterranean climate which means it is sunny and warm most of the year. In winter, the air temperature rarely drops below 0 degrees Celsius. Average winter temperature is 9 degrees C.

The hottest months are July and August – average air temperature then it is 31 degrees C during the day, and 18 degrees C at night. The most sunny hours during the day, as many as 12, are in July.

Temperature of water from June to November it is over 20 degrees C.

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