A holiday safari in the African savannas – how to organize it?

Africa Jeep Safari

Safari in Africa. What can you meet on safari? A holiday safari in the African savannas, safari organizers, where on a safari? Safari in winter?

The wealth of Africa

In terms of the richness of nature, no other continent can match Africa. The full spectrum of climates, from hot to cold, develops extremely diverse vegetation. This allowed for the emergence of many species of animals: a multitude of mammals, such as antelopes, gazelles and other ungulates. The world of birds is also rich – over 1,500 species. Africa is inhabited by: the fastest land animal – the cheetah, the largest bird – the ostrich and the largest land animal – the elephant.

There are over 20 species of herbivorous mammals in the African steppes and savannas: from the giant horse antelope to the tiny dwarf antelope. Scavengers such as hyenas and vultures follow in the footsteps of large herd animals, as well as their predatory enemies, such as lions.

The most common animals are: lion, zebra, giraffe, secretary (bird).

The wetlands of Africa are full of flora and fauna, being the habitat of, inter alia, crocodiles, hippos, species living in the floodplain, e.g. cob antelopes, as well as fish, from which the Nile perch and tiger fish can be distinguished. The most common animals and plants: hippopotamus, cichlids, little flamingos, papyrus.

And when it’s winter in Europe, it’s the best time to go Safari in Africa.

Bloodless Safari

More than a hundred years ago, East African governments introduced reserves and parks to protect wild animals from hunters and poachers. Today, tourists pay to stay in parks and the opportunity to go on safari to watch African animals in their natural environment.

Importance of Safari

Safari – a hunting expedition, possibly a longer caravan trip in East Africa. Currently, with the development of global tourism, this term is more and more often used to describe a form of organized leisure and recreation through admiring and photographing natural nature, especially the animal world.

Safari organizers

Our western neighbors, Germany, have extensive experience in organizing safaris in Africa. German travel agencies compete in offers of African safari trips for tourists, incl. From Poland. From the accounts of participants of such expeditions on “bloodless hunts” one can learn that this is a “trip of life” and there is no comparison with any other, and the power of impressions and experiences from such an escapade exceeds everything that they have experienced in their previous lives.